Installing and configuring a web environment for PHP/MySQL

Installing and configuring a web environment for PHP/MySQL

Hi, I am Ali Aboussebaba, Web and Mobile Engineer. Having worked with various technologies ranging from web to mobile. In this first tutorial, i’ll show you how to install and configure a web environment using WampSerer.

Download source code

1 . Download and install WampServer

Download WampSerer
Install WampSerer

2. Configure WampServer

Start WampSerer and clic on his icon the right bottom side of your screen, a small context menu will appear :

WampServer context menu

To see WampServer home page, clic on the menu Localhost

WampServer homepage

To see the phpMyAdmin home page, clic on the menu phpMyAdmin


Enable the rewrite_module in apache configurationClic on the WampServer icon, then Apache > Apache modules > rewrite_module

This module allow us to use HTACCESS files for rewriting rule, protecting directories and more options

WampServer rewrite mod

3. Test the environment

For creating and editing PHP files, there are a large game of softawres, like Adobe Dreamweaver, Eclipse, NetBeans, or simple editors like Notepad++, Sublime Text. In my case i use Sublime Text.

Now create a new php file named phpinfo.php, and put the content bellow


Go to your browser and type : http://localhost/phpinfo.php


Now w’ll test the HTACCESS by creating a new file named .htaccess, and put the content bellow

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^phpinfo.html$ phpinfo.php [L]

Go to your browser and type : http://localhost/phpinfo.html

It will execute the same php file by using the html extension

HTACCESS, WampServer
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